Black Rooster Audio VEQ-5 review


This time I wanna share my impressions from Black Rooster Audio “VEQ-5” which is an emulation of legendary MEQ-5 midrange equalizer by Pultec.

There are plenty of Pultec emulations out there, but this is one of the deepest.
Guys at BRA went further than just emulating eq curves and it’s interactions. They have also nailed authentic color and saturation characteristics.
While it is amazing at taming boxy frequencies on heavy guitars and basses and all other mid-range areas, It can be used as a wonderful coloration unit! This is one of the main features I like about it.
For example, is placing it on drum bus surrounding it with decent gain plugins (for this task I use BlueCatAudio “Gain” ), to hit it harder and level match gives sweet vintage tone and feel.
It makes kick drum sound fatter, doing some magic on hights and bringing overall sound to a different dimension. Wonderful results.
here is a little video demonstration:
This is definitely bar gainer for all upcoming Pultec emulations!
The interface looks amazing and feels smooth. Among the best.
Well done Black Rooster Audio looking forward seeing your next releases.
That’s it for now, thank you for reading.
Stay tuned for some interesting information about filter emulation in  VHL-3C unit from head developer behind Black Rooster Audio.