Black Rooster Audio “Magnetite” review


“We put a lot of thought and work into emulating all the sonic aspects associated with analog tape: Class A recording and playback amplifiers, tape response and saturation, NAB pre- and de-emphasis EQs, the sonic effect of different tape speeds and bias levels, hiss and hum – it’s all there. We also added an adjustable wow and flutter feature that emulates frequency modulation (FM) due to motor speed fluctuations.” 

The tape emulation market is getting saturated and tape is a tricky thing to emulate, so we’re getting access to better and better products.

The recent release from BlackRoosterAudio is a great example. After the Softube “Tape” release, I thought nothing could surprise me but I was wrong. BlackRoosterAudio “Magnetite” does bring new dimensions to the table, combining simplicity with the richness of the sound at the affordable price

I’ve been using U-He SATIN for ages, ’cause it’s awesome, but in some cases, it felt like it was too much of everything and sometimes it was more tweaking then mixing. Magnetite is an intuitively easy to use, deep sounding processor. It delivers effective transient smoothing, tape compression, and saturation. I use it on Drum bus in combination with the compressor to smooth things up and keep constant sound pressure, which is vital in heavy genres.

Three tape types with two speeds, three BIAS modes and WOW Flutter is enough for most tasks that you can think of. Linked (with right mouse drag) Input and Output is a useful addition. You also have the option to turn off and on the hiss.

It feels like guys at BRA decided not to make a “swiss army knife” type of plugin, sacrificing quality, but instead, they chose to provide us with the most important and useful controls and to do it with the highest level of detail and emulation quality. It’s like you have a good device which does not require you to perform additional tweaks or modifications to it. Just a solid piece of gear in the good condition that you can rely on in different situations.
I love this approach. It’s a pleasure to throw it on the master bus, turn a couple of knobs and enjoy smooth compression with the glue effect.

By the way, if you don’t like its big interface with reels on top, you can minimize it by clicking the MAGNETITE logo.


Black Rooster Audio did it again!
I wonder what else they have in mind. Looking forward to it.
Thank you for reading!