Black Rooster Audio VEQ-1P

veq 1

The recent release from Black Rooster Audio –  VEQ-1P Program EQ at first may seem like nothing interesting. Another pultec… but it does deserve much attention.
Technology moves forward, audio tools are getting better and this is what we see here.
VEQ-1P is the most detailed emulation I’ve tried so far does deliver the authentic feel.
The whole audio path is carefully modeled and brings the sonic characteristics to the top level.
I like saturating gear, hitting it hard and listening to how it behaves. Once I did it with  VEQ-1P I was immediately sold.
Input and output stages feature is often overlooked by other developers brings a third dimension to the user experience. It’s not only highly musical EQ suited for mixing or mastering but it can be used as a coloring box if you want it.
It’s hard to overdo, solid low end and smooth highs. I never used Pultecs so often as I do now with VEQ-1P:
-removing boxiness on guitars and vocals
-the classic pultec trick for kick drum or bass
-smoothing out the harshness of the top end or giving shine to the dull sources
this EQ feels more like an enhancer.
This plugin has an expensive sound tht’s worth much more than its price.
My favorite settings for Kick Drum, Which is basically a classic “Pultec Trick”
veq kd
VEQ graph