Blueface SC-5 compressor review

Blueface SC-5 is an emulation of Ashly SC-50 Peak Limiter/Compressor from 1970 which was never modeled before and that brings even more interest to the table.
Here is what original hardware manual says about it
Image 9
Indeed, Blueface SC-5 is a highly versatile compressor which goes from subtle coloring box (Limiter OFF) up to extreme transient limiting and compressing.
Lowest ratio 1:2 gives a gentle compression but if you push it harder you’ll get a nice, soft limiter effect which is useful for metal drum busses and extreme vocals.
There are so many different tasks that can be covered by adjusting the Threshold parameter.
Here is a quick and a bit aggressive example of how it can transform the drums without noticeable distortion, removing peaks, bringing all background room and reverb to the front, glueing and increasing the perceived loudness of the track.
Here are more examples with different sources, drums, bass accoustic guitar and vocals.
And last but not least, thanks to the Stereo link function, it can be highly useful for mastering!
That’s it for this quick review. Make sure to check out the developer’s site at try out the demo and fall in love ?
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