Cubase 9.5 update

Cubase 9.5 is out!

I’m using Cubase for over 13 years. And recently I became a constantly moaning guy on their forums because of new issues and bugs. I always felt like Steinberg doesn’t listen to its customers and
Cubase as a DAW got outdated and lost its innovation vibes

It all has changed with 9.5 update. Yes, there are still bugs, and there are still some issues. BUT it now looks like Steinberg listening to us and Cubase is no longer

I must say it’s one of the best updates for several years. Finally, we have less to complain about. This time Steinberg have really listened to their customers.
Here are some features that I was particularly happy to see:

– 64-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine
– the new synth FLUX
– 16 insert slots !!!
– automation line bezier curves
– Faster GUI
– Softube CONSOLE 1 integration (coming soon)
– Updated right zone, now you can browse files in there and view metering section.
– Adapt to Zoom grid type. HUGE time saver!!!!!!

I love its default color scheme. Also it’s much easier now to change overall color palette.
Looks like the GUI became faster, sharper and more pleasant to look at least on Windows PC.

VIntage Compressor, Tube compressor and Magnetto II has a new interface, they looks much sexier, but sound the same. Magnetto got bug when HF adjust knob doesn’t work until you load any preset, I hope it’ll be fixed.

Noise artifact on Frequency EQ has been fixed.

Not everything is good though, with new update comes new bugs that is really annoying in my workflow and according to Steinberg forum, there are many other nasty issues. So I’d recommend to wait for next incremental update 9.5.10, it should fix a lot of stuff.

I’m done for now with my short review. Will wait for next incremental update and report back
Thank you for reading!

bezier insert