Slate Digital Virtual Tube Collection (VTC) review


Virtual Tube Collection by Slate Digital or VTC is inspired by various tube gear from Europe and US. Three modules called London, NewYork and Hollywood do not directly emulate any specific gear, and this allowed for some extra flexibility and uniqueness.

Each module has two modes and one

-Preamp mode, as they say, models a tube preamp circuit, and therefore the saturation will emulate cranking the input amplifier while attenuating an output trim.
-Console mode, a gentle mode with different saturation characteristics, unique crosstalk feature, more headroom and it is more forgiving. They say it emulates a tube summing circuit including unique crosstalk and saturation properties.
-Push switch which is adding more harmonics and some extra sweetness to the selected mode.

I’ve been testing these modules for several weeks and now I’ve used them in all my projects. They can be used as a summing bus or as a track effect. It’s something I’ve been lacking.
I tried different preamps from famous and awesome companies, but they were too CPU heavy or introduced latency, whereas Slate VTS has very reasonable CPU consumption and no latency!
This enables me to use it on all busses and many single tracks across the projects.
Some may say that it’s kinda the same as VCC (Virtual Console Collection) but in fact, they complete and fulfill each other! Quite often I use VTC into VCC with awesome results.

I haven’t met any preamp plugins that satisfy me that much on bass guitar as NewYork. It makes it roar, adding sweet harmonics and making it tighter. Actually, all VTC modules do wonders for bass, each one in its own unique way.

Hollywood module is something my Drum Buss can’t live without anymore, adding tight bottom end and smooth highs. Sometimes I use it in Console mode, ’cause it’s softer and more forgiving and sometimes I leave it in Preamp for a stronger effect and saturation.

London is something to reach for when you need a touch of vintage gear, it’s not aggressive “In Your Face” vintage thing. It’s gentle yet very distinctive.

Last but not least Dry/Wet control is handy for parallel processing. For example, for extreme vocals, I saturate it hard, then adjust Dry/Wet to taste, to add some magic and bite.

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