VLA-FET. 1176 by BlackRoosterAudio

VLA-FET by BblackRoosterAudio. There are many awesome 1176 emus out there, the competition is strong. Yet somehow BlackRoosterAudio managed to stand out of the crowd with their VLA-FET. This is the first FET compressor I dared to drop on the Master Bus. Not because the rest of the competitors suck but because VLA-FET does offer something different. It has a gentle character which is easy to control, gives nice smoothing to the overall track, a very nice touch. It can be Gentle and it can be Aggressive, it’s not easy to overdo it. On the Drum bus I like to hit it hard and then dial back the MIX knob, it brings up the room feel for the drumset. Very good for vocals too, it gives natural and smooth compression without pumping. I’m having a lot of fun trying it on different sources. Once again @blackroosteraudio delivered the legendary German quality. Well done.

More at https://blackroosteraudio.com/en/products/vla-fet

vla FET 32