Volko Audio Q American Series, EQ bundle review

My first blog entry and I want to start with a review.
Recently I tried Q American Series from Volko Audio and was quite surprised and want to share my experience with you.

QA, QB and QG are emulations of API 550a, 550b and 560 Vintage American Console Equalizers

Image 2
I never tried the real API EQ’s, though I tried almost all its emulations out there. So far my favorite were the ones from IK Multimedia
Volko audio’s take is more sterile then IK version, it does not represent any coloration by just loading up the plugin.

Exception goes for QA, when FILTER button engaged, it slightly reduces lows and highs.

It does not add any harmonics or distortion to the sound making it very clear and transparent, which is very cool in certain situations. So we’re getting all the best features of the original units leaving the analog “issues” behind, like it or not.
In case if you already have tons of analog emulations, creating noise and harmonic distortions in your project, and want to add some more analog stuff, but don’t want to add more noise or distortion, this guys will help you out.
I know there are people out there who hate all the analog noise and stuff like that, so they will definitely love these ones.
All three plugins nicely complement each other. I find them pretty useful on heavy guitars, it’s a good example btw. First, add QA to make a general tone shaping and follow it with QG for more aggressive adjustments. You can endlessly shape the sound making it totally different from the original, yet it’ll be sounding quite natural, pleasant and artifact free.
QA is awesome when you need to remove unwanted low end from the Vocals.
All three EQ’s feel very sensitive and responsive. Even tiny changes have good and audible effect.
For the mastering, QA can go with FILTER on. It can be a first plugin in the chain when saving harsh, bass heavy mix since it gently reduces high and low freqs.
All three plugins are very light on CPU, Cubase reports zero latency.
The company has modern approach to the interface, not overcrowding it with realistic textures and renders, focusing on audio quality only instead.
Re-sizable interface makes it easier to adapt to any screen size and resolution. All looks clear and logical. Nothing to say against.


That’s it for now. Thank you for dropping.

Stay tuned for more reviews and mixing guides.